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Letter of Recommendation (click on image):


I am pleased to write this letter in recommendation of Ms. Raeleen Horn, who gave a presentation to the membership of the collegiate NAfME chapter at Indiana University in the fall semester of 2013.


Ms. Horn was a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker, drawing from an extraordinary wealth of experience gained from her many years of teaching. Her presentation was filled with insightful philosophical guidance, useful practical tips, and plenty of witty humor. She shared advice on a wide variety of topics, from discipline and decorum in the classroom to handling activity conflicts with other school programs. Ms. Horn also spoke with conviction on the concept of humanistic teaching – that it will be our duty as music teachers to not only teach great music, but also use it as a tool to develop the entire student.


Ms. Horn’s passion for helping young music teachers was evident during her entire presentation and in all of my contact with her. She always displayed a very warm and approachable demeanor, and her enthusiasm for the music education profession was infectious. Even after her session was over, she stayed behind to talk with those of us who had additional questions for well over an hour, listening to all of our inquiries with patience and understanding.


For the pre-service teachers in the audience, Ms. Horn’s presentation provided a welcome glimpse into the everyday challenges and joys of being a music teacher. As someone nearing graduation, I especially appreciated Ms. Horn’s ability to put the great content knowledge that I’ve been given during my collegiate career into perspective. However, the most memorable parts of her presentation were the heartfelt stories and valuable life lessons that she has gathered through a lifetime of teaching, experiences which truly paint an inspiring picture of the long-term fulfillment that the profession offers.


If you have the opportunity to attend a presentation by Ms. Horn, make sure that you take advantage of it – you will be very happy that you did.

Neil Hicks | President, NAfME Indiana University Collegiate Chapter
Bachelor of Music Education, Class of 2015

Raeleen’s lecture was inspiring, fun, and unique. I have never heard someone so successful and wise to still be relaxed and empathetic. Her stories were unbelievable, and her advice was incredibly encouraging. I was completely in awe of her life accomplishments, and yet I wasn’t surprised – she was brilliant and kind. After her masterclass at our school, she stayed with me and another student for an extra hour just to talk about teaching, her theories, and life. It gave me a whole new boost of inspiration and enthusiasm for teaching.

Raleigh Mostov | Bachelor of Music Education, Class of 2015, Indiana University